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word painting: the fine art of writing descriptively
(2nd edition)

Word Painting

"Word Painting is both a joy to read and terrifically useful, whether you are working on your first short story or your fifth novel. Eloquent, practical, and deeply wise, this is a writing guide full of sense and sensibility, and a work of art in itself."

-- Suzanne Berne, novelist and winner of the Orange Prize for fiction.

A self-guided text for poets and prose writers alike, filled with examples and exercises to strengthen imagery, characterization, setting, plot, and narration through description.

Published by Writer's Digest Books 9781599638683 (paperback)

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writing exercises from word painting
Bringing Characters to Life Through Description
If one of your characters doesn't yet have a full name, give him one, including a last name and a middle name or initial. Try out different names to see which one best fits his personality and actions, or give him a completely inappropriate name, one which goes against expectations.. …