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selections from Anthologies

signs and wonders
from Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction

. . . Ah, the partners we make, the families we create in this city of strangers. Like that big guy on Ninth Avenue. . .

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from Creative Writing: Four Genres in Brief
(Bedford/St. Martin)

...There I am on the Liferower screen, the computerized woman in the tiny boat, and the little woman rowing below me is my pacer. We look exactly alike, except she does not get tired.…

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making love
from The Best American Poetry

Why make? I used to wonder. Is it something you have to keep on making, like beds or dinner . . .

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from Connecting: Twenty Prominent Authors Write About the Relationships That Shape Our Lives
(Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam 1998)

...Despite what my military I.D. card proclaimed, my laminated face and name stamped with the word "dependent," I was determined never to become one of those quietly nervous women I saw in the laundromat of the apartment complex….This thing I was living was my life…

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To the Absent Wife of the Beautiful Poet at the Writers' Conference
from Readings for Writers
(The Kenyon Review)

...There are gifts we can give our husbands, but adoration is not one.

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